Plastics, Rubber and Tires division

A-B 8833 Silicone Remover

B-E 029 -   Release paint

PIK OIL 1000 -   Mandrel Release agent

ST-3 Semi-permanent water-based release agent

ST-T-002 Concentrated aqueous agent for molding of retreaded tires

B-PIK 1307A Single-release agent – inside tire paint

DS-400Multi-release agent – inside tire paint

DS-1300 Multi-release agent – inside tire paint

DS- P81 Blend of inorganic solids and surfactants

EMUSIL 35 Silicone based emulsion


GENTLE Liquid Anti-Adhesive / Anti-Tack Agent for Batch off

LT-20Release agent

PIK F-20Filler